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From the craft jeweller to creator of dreams, from the designed of valuable collections to creator of jewels, in which the artist combines body and soul to make master works - that is the story of Pasquale Bruni, story of continuous professional development and life and artistic inspiration.

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It still remains a family business with Pasquale Bruni overseeing the activity at all stages of creation and manufacture of jewels personally every day. His international success testifies creative instinct of the artist, who, with preserving the original signature still has the ability to foresee future trends and more and more adapt to competitive market. His daughter Eugenia is in charge of creative department – she inherited from her father the artistic perception and romantic sense; and his son, Alessandro, works as executive director.

All Pasquale Bruni jewels are still made in the area of Valenza, what is a place in Italy where tradition is combined with modern design of technology. Each piece is a small work of art, revealing glimpses of the past, expressing beauty and renders atmosphere. Simple but unique shapes; rare gems and brilliant stones characterise distinctive, unusual, but harmonic style of collections.