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Welcome to the world of Rivoir - a place where light turns to love. Diamonds by Rivoir are timeless pieces for a woman who knows her value. Reminiscent of a quiet walk through Champs-Élysées or indulgent sunbathing on St. Martin beaches, Rivoir diamonds are expressively and flawlessly feminine.

More about brand

The story of Rivoir started in 1954, when Mr Hans Rivoir founded in Pforzheim company of the same name as a company trading in jewels. Rivoir went through a strong period of stabile growth and development during the German "economic miracle" in 1950 and 1960. Their jewels soon acquired admiration of many jewellers both home and abroad thanks to their accuracy and reliability.

Rivoir has been maintaining its stable place and position during recent years as No. 1 partner for retailers in diamond jewels, especially wedding rings. Specialists and numerous master jewellers create jewels of the top quality and continuously strive to optimise the production process. They train young craftsmen in order to assure that various skills will be preserved and handed over to the next generation.